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PLEASE READ OUR SHIPPING TIMES/ POLICIES AND REFUND POLICY BEFORE PURCHASING! Our current PROCESSING time is 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS! Please please please do not confuse this with DELIVERY time. We do offer a RUSH Option, this will ensure same or next business day PROCESSING. Your order will still be shipped via the method you choose on checkout. We are generally ahead of this, however, if we get backed up, I can only guarantee the time my policy states!

We're proud to offer you wholesale craft supplies and we appreciate your business.

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DIY Fabric Flower Necklace Tutorial DIY Fabric Flower Necklace

If you have ever taken a look in your closet and felt bored and uninspired- and who hasn’t felt that way at least one time or another- then we have the perfect solution to shake things up a bit!...

Tassel Garland Banner Tutorial Tassel Garland Banner Tutorial

There is nothing we at My Sunshine Shoppe love more than a baby photo shoot. There’s the the outfits, the accessories, the adorable little baby (duh!), and the inspiration for our latest project: the props...

How To Make T-Shirt Yarn How To Make T-Shirt Yarn

Oh my goodness. Is there anything more exciting than reclaiming something that was going to be trash? There probably is something as exciting but it isn’t coming to mind- because I am just so dang excited about all of the possibilities of projects to make with t-shirt yarn!...