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Our selection of girl’s headbands is quite extensive, ranging anywhere from lace baby girls headbands and adult ear warmers to crocheted wholesale headbands. Coming in many different colors, shapes, size, and textures our headbands work for all ages including babies, girls, and women. These fashionable hair headbands are beautiful accessories to any outfit as is, or can be dressed up with added embellishments such as flowers, bows, flat back embellishments and feathers.

The textured head wraps, satin head wraps, lace head wraps, and fish net head wraps are perfect for any outfit in any season! These wraps are sized to fit most girl toddlers up to adults. These headbands stay put on your head and can be worn in a variety of widths to achieve many different looks. You can scrunch them up so they are thinner or fan them out as wide as they go. These wraps come in an extensive variety of colors and textures, and are made from stretchy nylon-like material or cotton blend. Each head wrap is finished from top to bottom and is ready to wear today. So whether you are heading to the gym, for sports, or for the beach and need something to keep the hair out of your face, or want to dress up your look for a night on the town, these beautiful and fun wraps will just the trick.

We also have several different satin covered and satin lined headbands. They are available in many different patterns and prints as well as in solid colors to match all of your fashion items and accessories. The pattern can vary from headband to headband. The gorgeous covered headbands have plastic inside and are completely covered in soft comfortable satin fabric. The lined headbands have super soft satin lining on top of a comfortable white plastic. Fitting for most children ages 2 through adults. The width ranges from about 0.38 inches to approximately 0.5 inches. Please see each individual product for more information on that exact item.

Check out all the categories of wholesale girl's headbands we have to offer! Each baby headband, girl’s headband and head wrap has its own lovely and unique features. Play around with colors and patterns to find your next fun look. These also make wonderful gifts or can even start as the base headband to any craft accessory project.
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