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Feather Hackle Pads

These colorful feather hackle pads are perfect for all your creative hobbies including crafting DIY girl's hair accessories such as hair combs, hair bows, mini top hats, and headbands. There are various other uses besides hair accessories too, such as floral use, bridal wear, dance uniforms, Halloween costumes or masks, fashion accessories, and more. You can even use them on things such as lamp shades! They are also suitable for trimmings and appliqu├ęs on just about anything.

Hackle pads are made from quality Hackle feathers. We carry a beautiful selection of colors and vibrant color combinations as well. You are sure to find one or more that you will fall in love with! Simply attach these fun feather pads to a satin lined headband by using a large felt circle to sandwich the headband between the hackle feather pad and felt circle.

The feather pads will vary a bit from one another in size and color as the feathers are unique to each pad but they generally measure 4 to 5 inches wide by 7 to 8 inches long and have been hand glued together with a large felt fabric backing. These hackle pads usually lay very smooth and they can easily be cut and/or shaped with a pair of scissors to match your crafting needs.
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